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  • Integrated Diabetes Care

    Integrating diabetes care is a programme of research designed to improve the care of people living with diabetes through joining up services across primary, community and secondary care as well as integrating mental and physical care.

  • Publications

    • Kozlowska O, Attwood S, Lumb A, Tan GD, Rea R, 'Population health management in diabetes care: combining clinical audit, risk stratification, and multidisciplinary virtual clinics in a community setting to improve diabetes care in a geographically defined population. An integrated diabetes care pilot in the North East Locality, Oxfordshire, UK'
      International Journal of Integrated Care x (2020)
      ISSN: 1568-4156 eISSN: 1568-4156
    • Rea RD, Lumb A, Tan GD, Owen K, Thanabalasingham G, Latif A, Swan P, Scott J, Jones D, Gillott E, Honour Smith R, ‘Using data to improve the care of people with diabetes across Oxfordshire’ 
      Practical Diabetes 37(1) (2020) pp.27-31
    • Kozlowska O, Seda G, Rea R, 'Leadership for integrated care: a case study'
      Leadership in Health Services (2020)
      ISSN: 1751-1879
    • Tan GD, Kozlowska O, Rea RD, 'Delivery and organization of diabetes care: integrated care'
      Medicine 47 (2) (2019) pp.127-130
      ISSN: 1357-3039 eISSN: 1878-9390
    • Kozlowska O, Rea R, 'Local enhanced services: Is a lack of outcome data affecting diabetes care?'
      Diabetes & Primary Care 20 (3) (2018) pp.121-125
      ISSN: 1466-8955 eISSN: 1466-8955
    • Kozlowska O, Lumb A, Tan GD, Rea R, 'Barriers and facilitators to integrating primary and specialist healthcare in the United Kingdom: a narrative literature review'
      Future Hospital Journal 5 (1) (2018) pp.64-80
      ISSN: 2055-3323 eISSN: 2055-3323
    • Kozlowska O, Solomons L, Cuzner D, Ahmed S, McManners J, Tan GD, Lumb A, Rea R, 'Diabetes care: closing the gap between mental and physical health'
      British Journal of General Practice 67 (663) (2017) pp.471-472
      ISSN: 0960-1643

  • Integrated Diabetes Care Blogs

    In 2016 and 2017 we wrote a series of blogs about the team’s experience of integrating diabetes care in Oxfordshire. The blogs shed a light on practicalities of integrating care and provide an overview of proposed improvements, examples of tools used, and personal statements of those involved in service change. The insiders’ views come from Mr Tony O’Malley (a patient representative on the project), Dr Stephen Attwood (a GP), Dr Rustam Rea (a consultant in diabetes), and Mr David Waterton (an IT manager).

    The blogs were written in 2016-2017 together with the Future Hospital team from the Royal College of Physicians who supported the project.

  • A patients perspective

    Tony O’Malley

    A general practitioners perspective

    Dr Stephen Attwood

    A specialists perspective

    Dr Rustam Rea

    Triggers for integrated care

    Dr Rustam Rea

    A whole system model for integration

    Dr Rustam Rea

    Leadership for integrated care

    Dr Rustam Rea

    Developing and communicating a shared vision for integrated care

    The Oxfordshire Integrated Diabetes Care Programme Team

    On a need for clear communication with stakeholders

    The Oxfordshire Integrated Diabetes Care Programme Team

    A definitive evaluation

    Dr Rustam Rea

    Measuring change

    The Oxfordshire Integrated Diabetes Care Programme Team

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