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  • Dale Renno

    Dale Renno

    Paramedic Science

    The range of placements (from on the road, in hospital and mental health) and the accompanying simulation training sessions have been truly fantastic.

    The co-location of Oxford Brookes and the Oxford University Hospitals was a key attraction for me when choosing this course, especially when combined with the historic University city location which meant that I would be surrounded by students.

    Having worked as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) for a couple of years, I was sure that working in healthcare was the right choice for me. During my HCA work I was increasingly interested in the biology behind the patient’s illness and also enjoyed seeing emergency presentations. These interests combine really well in the paramedic job.

    I really enjoy learning about the biology behind the diseases in our lectures and seminars. Being able to make a diagnosis is very satisfying. In addition, the range of placements (from on the road, in hospital and mental health) and the accompanying simulation training sessions have been truly fantastic. Within the course the small group size lends to a sense of community, which has been a great support network.

    The on the road placements allow me a high degree of autonomy, which is perfect for training. The range of placements has allowed me to see further parts of the care pathway, and this will inform my practice. At a personal level I have brilliant colleagues and mentors who are a pleasure to work with and learn from.

    The facilities at Oxford Brookes have been great. The simulation equipment is very high fidelity and this is really helpful for learning. The main library is well-stocked and open 24/7 which allows for personal study. I have also been able to use the world-renowned Oxford Bodleian Libraries.

    Oxford Brookes is well known for its vibrant social scene, and I can personally attest to this. I have become a member of the Pole Society. This has allowed me to gain physical training as well as having fun. The social swaps with other societies have been great eye openers!

    I had the benefit in living in a paramedic student house last year. The rent was reasonable and the location also. Furthermore living with other paramedics in the first year meant we could bond and also appreciated the shift work nature of our course. This year I have moved out to the private sector, which can be a little more expensive.

    I plan to practice as a paramedic for at least the first year following my course. After this I intend to undertake higher training (i.e a MSc), which would allow me to progress into more specialist roles.

    Whilst I have not had a formal careers interview, my course is vocational and placement based. As such, I receive on the job advice. In addition I am aware that a paramedic careers fair has been organised and this will be very useful I am sure I would recommend this course without a shadow of a doubt.