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Brookes Science Bazaar 2018: The Psych booth

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

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This year was the 10th anniversary of the Brookes Science Bazaar and the Psych booth was there to celebrate the event on 24th February. The Psych booth was one of the busiest stalls. Our staff members, PhD, MSc and UG students worked non-stop on the day. Children and parents enjoyed our activities a lot!

The activities run by the Psych booth were:

- Visual illusions: It is not what it seems! Children and parents were very engaged in creating their own visual illusions to trick their brain. Children had fun making their own t-rex and bird in a cage illusion. This activity was very popular with more than a hundred illusions made!

- EEG lab tour: This year we added a new activity for children and their parents: a tour in one of our Psychology labs. Children enjoyed finding out more about the brain and its system as well as the electroencephalogram test.

- Mirror tracing: As per previous years, the mirror tracing activity was one of the most popular among children and adults!

- Who Am I? The stall was very busy, with children of all ages enjoying drawing themselves and writing statements that summed up their identities.

- The Referee Game: Children enjoyed taking part in the experiment and parents were willing to collaborate filling in a questionnaire. Parents and children were very interested in the activity; they asked many questions!

- Stroop task: Although this task is one of the most “difficult” activities presented at the Psych Booth, children and parents liked the challenge!

We are very happy with the achievement and we aim to run the stall next year as well!
Thank you to the staff members and students involved in the organisation and activities!

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We discovered the Psych booth last year and we enjoyed the activities so much that we decided to come back this year! (Parent)

I want to become a psychologist! (Child)

The EEG lab tour was very interesting, both my son and I liked it! (Parent)

I like the mirror tracing very much! (Child)

Thank you, very interesting activities for both children and adults! (Parent)