Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development

Placement Experiences

  • Operating Department Practice

    Cheltenham General Hospital

    Marco Mabalay

    I was awed by the dedication of the mentors; they gave me meaningful tips and useful information.

    Great Western Hospital, Swindon

    Nadia Milahi

    I looked forward to every new day I spent at my anaesthetic placement and was often reluctant to go home at the end of the day as I didn't want the learning to end!

    Theatres, Southmead Hospital Bristol

    Clarence Vincent Garcia

    They are really helpful, transparent, open, and will guide you all throughout the placement.

  • Paramedic Science

    Adderbury Ambulance Station, Ambulance Resource Centre

    Elliot Chilingirian

    Adderbury ambulance station has such a 'family feel' to it.

    All the ambulance staff are up beat + very knowledgeable. They are willing to teach student paramedics like myself extra skills during lunch breaks too. They are an exceptional group of people.

    Bracknell Ambulance Station, Ambulance Resource Centre

    Sarah Garner

    In this job you can never really guarantee the type of jobs, but my mentor has certainly given me every opportunity to get involved in situations, we had a great working understanding and he knew when I was out of my depth and jumped in.

    I have always found him to be very open and approachable and I have been able to discuss issues and express opinions. My mentor and the team have also done their best to make me feel a part of the blue team and I am very sad to leave.

    Kidlington Ambulance Station, Ambulance Resource Centre

    Dawn Mundy (graduated in July 2015)

    The staff at Kidlington have the perfect balance of working hard while maintaining their sense of humour, which makes for a great atmosphere.

    Everyone is keen to learn and always willing to help or share new ideas. The management (team leaders) also take a keen interest in the students and readily take us out on shift to increase our exposure to perhaps the more serious incidents. Overall, a great experience, which has left me confident in my future practice as a paramedic.

    Newbury Ambulance Station, Ambulance Resource Centre

    Joanna Withington

    All members of staff are friendly and willing to help facilitate my learning, even those who are not mentors.

    Always made to feel welcome, on both professional and social occasions.

    Kidlington Ambulance Station, Ambulance Resource Centre

    Helen Wrigglesworth

    The staff at Kidlington station are very friendly, extremely helpful and make the environment a nice place to work.

    I have gained most of my knowledge from my clinical mentor and other paramedics that I have had the pleasure to work with. I have decided to apply to work full time out of Kidlington station as I have been made to feel as though I am part of a big family.