Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development


    • 2015 Postgraduate Symposium

      The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences held its annual Postgraduate Research Symposium on 14 January, which brought together research students from across the departments.

    • Why singing in a choir might be good for you

      Singing in a choir might be good for our psychological well-being.

    • Brookes helps drive national low carbon strategy

      A report just published by Oxford Brookes University and the Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies (CENEX) reveals 90 per cent of motorists who took part in trials of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK would recommend battery-powered cars to friends.

    • Psychologist’s study impacts on Government's Army White Paper

      The Government recently revealed planned large scale changes to the structure of the British Armed Forces and the role of part time reservists within them, with key involvement from Oxford Brookes.

    • Students' Academic Achievements Celebrated with Graduation Prizes

      Students and graduates from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences were awarded prizes to celebrate their academic achievements at this year’s Graduation ceremonies, held at Oxford Brookes University in June.

    • Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Annual Careers Event

      The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Annual Careers Event was held on Thursday 25th April, with 56 representatives from businesses and professional fields attending the large speed-networking event with around 140 undergraduates from across Psychology, Biological and Medical Sciences, Clinical Health Care and Sport and Health Sciences.

    • Finding a link between humour and bullying in schools

      Psychologist Siân Jones has found a link between styles of humour schoolchildren use and the likelihood they will be bullied in a project she hopes could help combat bullying.