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  • Applied Social and Health Psychology

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  • Applied Social and Health Psychology

    The members of this research group investigate the way that individuals’ beliefs, dispositions, actions and aspirations are intertwined with both the immediate social groups and also the wider culture in which they are embedded. Unpicking the fascinating way in which personal and socio-cultural factors are interwoven (and sometimes rebelled against) has enabled our researchers to apply their theoretical and methodological knowledge to many areas of contemporary concern.

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    Our investigations have enabled us to: identify risk factors for alcohol and drug misuse in young people and developed interventions to improve health, well-being, and mindfulness in adolescents and adults (including pregnant women); determine how social structures can support improved health and well-being in specific communities and ethnic groups; advise manufacturers and policy makers of the key factors that determine whether people adapt to innovative green technologies successfully; advise international military officers on the fundamental psychological and socio-cultural influences leading to violent insurgency; advise the British Army on the integration of full and part time members; advise the Ministry of Defence on the welfare and support of UK Armed Forces Reservists’ families; understand the way in which people use music to express their personal and social identities; explore the use of social media to promote and nurture social connection among individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC); highlight personal and cultural differences in the determinants of organ donation; conduct a new evaluation of programmes designed to enhance children’s safety.