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  • Institute for Research in Child Development

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  • Institute for Research in Child Development

    The IRCD brings together a wide range of expertise across different research teams in the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences. This includes work on understanding both typical and atypical development in children and young adults, health and well-being in adulthood and prevention of unhealthy lifestyles, particularly relating to the consumption of alcohol.

    Some of the work of the IRCD focuses on the description of healthy behaviour and typical development and explanations of developmental processes in different domains. Other work is concerned with understanding the mechanisms underlying unhealthy behaviour and atypical development and examination of ways to support children and their families. Our staff work with professionals from other disciplines in health and education and are concerned with the production of practical assessment tools and the evaluation of intervention approaches to help support individuals and their families to achieve their full potential. Our research also informs best practice guidelines used in education and health settings.

    We have expertise in using a range of methods in research and data analysis. This includes qualitative interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and surveys, psychometric methods, experimental design, randomised controlled trials, intervention studies and various measurement and monitoring techniques. We have undertaken a range of consultancy work and research with industrial partners. This has involved the development of new products and tests, the measurement of attitudes and evaluation of interventions.