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About the centre

  • Who we are, and what we do

    Key staff at the Centre include: Dr Niall Munro (Director of the Centre), Dr Andrea Macrae , Professor Simon Kövesi, Professor Nathalie Aubert Dr Dinah Roe , Professor Alex Goody , Dr Eric White, Dr Simon White , and Dr Caroline Jackson-Houlston.

    The Centre aims to break down the perceived barriers between disciplines and between the academy and the general public, and our recent activities have fulfilled both of these aspirations.

    Ongoing and recent projects have been in the areas of poetry and science; poetry and technology; poetry and mental health; poetry and the environment; and performance poetry in Oxfordshire, whilst from 2008-9 the Centre also ran an important project pairing fourteen established poets together with fourteen refugees and asylum seekers to work collaboratively on new poetry. The venture was supported by Arts Council England and the charities Asylum Welcome and Refugee Resource, and resulted in the anthology See How I Land: Oxford Poets and Exiled Writers. You can learn more about all of these projects by clicking on the Projects link to the left.

    We run an annual international poetry competition with Open and English as a Second Language categories, and you can read more about the competition on this page. The Centre also organizes poetry readings and workshops which are open to everyone.

    In collaboration with Oxford City Council, the Centre co-ordinated the Oxford City Poet scheme. City Poet Kate Clanchy, took office in 2011, with a remit to encourage both the reading and writing of poetry in Oxford and the region. She ran a number of projects, particularly in local schools, and was also responsible for creating the post of Oxford Youth Ambassador for Poetry, which was held by Azfa Awad. You can find out about these roles in the Projects section of the site.

    A number of our events have included academics working alongside practitioners in the creation of new works and poems and new understanding of the relation between academic and poetic discourses. Such projects have included the T.S. Eliot Prize-shortlisted poet Fiona Sampson’s 2005 verse novel The Distance Between Us, which she wrote whilst a Research Fellow at the Centre, or the poems she produced in response to the work of Brookes scientists as part of the Science Writes to Life project in 2012.

    Advisory Board

    In addition to the staff listed above who run the Centre on a day-to-day basis, we also have an Advisory Board with whom we meet formally once a year, and who provide a general steer.

    Copyright notice

    Copyright information: please note that the copyrights of all the poems displayed on the website and sent out on the mailing list are held by the respective authors, translators or estates, and no work should be reproduced without first gaining permission from the individual publishers.