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Phoebe Nicholson

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    Born in deepest rural Devon in 1991, I spent most of my life between southwest England and Minnesota, before settling down to study English Literature at Oxford University. Since composing my first poem when I was about eight years old (it was about trees and bees), I have continued to write and, I hope, improve. Now in my third year studying and living in the city, I perform regularly at The Catweazle Club in the East Oxford Community Centre.

    When I began writing on a regular basis, it was to explore new ways of looking at the particulars and details of ordinary life. My project is to find unusual combinations of images and ideas to discover new perspectives on familiar experiences. Since I started to perform my work, I have become increasingly fascinated by the musicality of poetry. Using syllables and letters as musical instruments combined with the meanings of words, I am eager to find new ways to bring images to life through sound.