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    by Saskia Ragavelas

    Success by Saskia Ragavelas

    Saskia is starting her second year at Oxford Brookes University. She has a creative interest in Photography and her end of first year show was about perceptions of race.

    For me success is that when I close my eyes, that path that I trod is now a road and people are coming up it and it’s natural, and all sorts of people are going up it and they’re actually flowing the other way as well. So people who are indigenously from the Cotswolds in Oxfordshire feel that to go and live in Hackney is a good thing and not just to go and live in Hackney and change Hackney from what it was, but go and live in Hackney, and people from Hackney go and live in the Cotswolds, and be comfortable there. What would be a real crusher for me would be if I end up at the end of my journey in work life and there has been no difference.

    An interview with a Brookes member of staff