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  • The Calling

    Dreams call a body home.
    Doubt is only a next door neighbour–
    the kind that visits once to change the locks
    and claim everything as its own.

    Eyes that once were telescopes,
    mapping constellations between cloudbursts and rays of sun,
    are tricked into believing the room for possibility shrinks
    once strife makes terrifying all that’s not yet clear.  

    The body stands still, afraid
    to fall on either side of the standstill
    between whispers parading as symphonies of others’ ideals,
    and the dream crying out that it will never have another life to live in.

    But will is lightning,
    striking as many times as fits its need,
    to set the mind afire with the tinder of what it means to achieve.
    Prayers interlace with fingers,
    embolden knuckles, re-teaches how to stretch and reach.
    The call rings out, fanfares the future
    with a song that cartwheels in the ear,
    tumbling every cog in the body into one determined motion– Onward.

    True success is a skeleton key.
    Doubt can only be evicted
    by the desire of conviction of a dream calling a body home,
    To summon the strength of stance to stand the ground of destiny.

    Christina Raisea Murphy

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    Christina talks about her poem

    Christina Raisea Murphy is a poet and screenwriter from the Republic of Ireland. Her work has been published in seven countries to date. She has recently completed the MA Creative Writing programme at Oxford Brookes University. She is currently in process of completing her debut novel, In the Wake of Dreams.

    I think faith is a large barrier to success. It’s a barrier but it’s also a door. The door’s always going to be a closed door and you’re not going to be able to envision what’s on the other side of it if you have no faith. If you do, and if you have strong faith in yourself and what you’re capable of, then really you have the key.

    An interview with a Brookes student