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Rainy Thursday

  • (with apologies to William Blake)

    ’Twas on a rainy Thursday, their windows all unclean,
    The buses running two and two, some red, some blue, some green.
    Grey-faced commuters stood around, with feet as cold as snow,
    Till down the mighty Banbury Road they like Thames waters flow.
    Oh, what a multitude they seemed, these flowers of Oxford town!
    Amid the night and smog they gleamed with radiance all their own.
    Between them stretched gigantic gaps, since buses run in bands.
    Thousands of tired travellers wringing their innocent hands.
    Now like a mighty wind they raise to heaven the traffic’s song,
    Or like harmonious thunderings those dreaming spires among.
    So though all seats are occupied, and waiting times obscene,
    Don’t make a fuss, please take the bus, and help keep Oxford green.

    by Merryn Williams