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Tracy McAteer and Fiona Sampson

  • Tracy McAteer completed her BSc. Degree in Psychology with Honours at Oxford Brookes University and went on to completean MRes degree in Psychological Research with merit. She is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and an associate fellow ofthe Higher Education Academy. Tracy is currently reading for a PhD in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences receiving a scholarship from thePF Charitable trust in collaboration with Helen & Douglas House Hospice in Oxford. Her research study is focused on the experiences of young adults growing up with life shortening conditions. She is particularly interested in how they transition through adolescence into adulthood.

    Considering her discussions with Tracy, Fiona Sampson writes:

    Tracy McAteer was very moving in her discussion of work with young people with life-shortening conditions.One can only comment with pieties on such work; but I thought about my own years of work in hospitals and hospices and tried to conjure up the lost,even dream-like sense I got from some of the people I worked with.

  • The Paperweight     

                for Tracy McAteer

    Homesickness -

    and everywhere,
                like the smell of rain
    on bright mornings.

    You've learnt things flicker and change
                and outside you.
    The village is its own world,
    tiny under glass,
    shake it
    and snow falls
                            like blossom on pavements.

    One day you'll pass through
    the shining membrane -

                                                     imagine it.
    One of those spring days
    when thought blurs
    in reflections
    and the sky's scurred with cirrus.

    Fiona Sampson