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  • Weekly Poem for 19 December 2018

    'Ymir's Skull' by Ross Cogan


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  • The presses participating in the initiative during the 2016–17 academic year are: Arc Publications, Candlestick Press, Enitharmon Press, Nine Arches Press, Pavilion PoetryPenned in the Margins, Seren Books, Sidekick Books, and Smokestack Books.

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  • Archive of weekly poems…

  • Weekly Poem for 19 December 2018

    'Ymir's Skull' by Ross Cogan

    Weekly Poem for 13 December 2018

    'I Am My Own Parent' by Deborah Alma

    Weekly Poem for 04 December 2018

    'Unspoken Conversations' by Jim Greenhalf

    Weekly Poem for 25 November 2018

    'Out of Range' by Nick Drake

    Weekly Poem for 15 November 2018

    'Christmas Lights' by Stephen Keeler

    Weekly Poem for 27 October 2018

    'ii rye lane (foul ecstasy)' by Belinda Zhawi

    Weekly Poem for 22 October 2018

    '96' by Natalie Whittaker

    Weekly Poem for 12 October 2018

    'Winter in the town of three smells' by Josephine Corcoran

    Weekly Poem for 01 October 2018

    'Sedge Warbler' by Sophie Mayer

    Weekly Poem for 17 September 2018

    'She Thought Her Father Was a Butcher' by Claire Williamson

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