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  • Weekly Poem for 02 November 2020

    'Athenian Light' by Kostya Tsolakis


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  • Archive of weekly poems…

  • Weekly Poem for 02 November 2020

    'Athenian Light' by Kostya Tsolakis

    Weekly Poem for 26 October 2020

    'Hebden Bridge' by Daniel Fraser

    Weekly Poem for 19 October 2020

    'PG Tips' by Isabelle Baafi

    Weekly Poem for 13 October 2020

    'Wonderful' by Helen Calcutt

    Weekly Poem for 14 September 2020

    from Flow by Phil Madden and Paul L. Kershaw

    Weekly Poem for 02 September 2020

    'City of forbidden shrines' by Nina Mingya Powles

    Weekly Poem for 26 August 2020

    'Security Alert' by Michael Rosen

    Weekly Poem for 18 August 2020

    'Intermittent Fasting' by Summer Young

    Weekly Poem for 10 August 2020

    'My mother's aria' by Hannah Jane Walker

    Weekly Poem for 03 August 2020

    'My Brother as a Mezzotint' by Claire Cox

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