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Weekly Poem for 3 March 2008

  • “the poem is nothing”


    the poem is nothing
    if not an anvil

    scolding spikes of tangerine get
    hammered into various shapes on its surface

    maybe a wild black horse or
    a scrap of the moon or a girl
    sitting on the rim of a fountain
    about to fall in or not
    about to fall in & ruin her good summer dress
    or a set of steel teeth with a winding mechanism
    big enough to chew the entire city up
    munch munch off it goes

    glaring sparks rainbow through the air
    they could start fires but the poem
    stays cool black motionless & there
    you can’t shift it now



    the poem is nothing if not an anvil
    it whistles down the coyote gets it

    by Simon Turner

    Simon Turner has been writing poetry for ten years and this poem comes from his collection, You Are Here, recently published by Heaventree. He lives and works in Warwickshire. Alongside other West Midlands poets, Matt Nunn and Milorad Krystanovich, Simon Turner's work is part of a larger-scale movement in innovative contemporary poetry in the region, supported by Heaventree.

    The Heaventree Press is an independent poetry press based in Coventry. For more information on Heaventree and to buy You Are Here, please visit the Heaventree Press website.