Dr Aytac Kanaci

Research Fellow in AI for Autonomous Driving

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

Aytac Kanaci


Dr. Aytac Kanaci is currently a Research Fellow in Visual AI Laboratory (VAIL) at Brookes University working with Prof. Fabio Cuzzolin on Self-Supervised Learning and its applications in autonomous driving related computer vision problems.

Before joining VAIL at Brookes, he completed his PhD at Queen Mary University of London in the Computer Vision Group supervised by Prof Shaogang Gong that resulted in his dissertation titled 'Deep Representation Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification'. His background is in BSc, Computer Science from Istanbul Bilgi University and he has been a member of research groups working computer vision problems in the following institutions: Laboratire Huber Curien, University of Genoa, University College London.

You can find his publications at:  https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=z0VIkiEAAAAJ&hl=en