Dr Elaine Cox

BA (Hons), MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator for Doctor of Coaching & Mentoring

Oxford Brookes Business School


Elaine's research interests include leadership development, adult learning, cognitive and life-course development, continuing professional development, coaching, mentoring, and research methodologies.

Elaine has a comprehensive knowledge of research approaches and methods and her previous research projects have focused upon the development of emotional strength through coaching; the relationship between philosophy and coaching and the issues arising in reciprocal peer coaching.

Elaine also supervises and examines students at Doctoral level and welcomes applications from students wishing to study the coaching or mentoring interaction.

Research group membership

International Centre for Coaching & Mentoring Studies

Research projects

Elaine is currently co-authoring two books, 'Brave Leadership in Action' and 'Researching Coaching', which will be published in 2019.  She is also the founding editor of the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching & Mentoring.

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Professional information


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Further details

Elaine has a degree in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Warwick. In 1993 she gained an MA with distinction, also from Warwick in the area of Continuing Education. Following this she completed a PhD in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University. Her thesis focused on the motivation and training of mentors in a study entitled ‘Mentors: Born or Made?'  Elaine also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education.

She is currently the Director of the Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring Programme and Programme Lead for the Masters level coaching and mentoring programmes in the Business School.

She is also Editor of International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring - http://business.brookes.ac.uk/ijebcm; and Chair of Oxford Brookes Coaching and Mentoring Society - http://business.brookes.ac.uk/research/areas/coaching-mentoring/obcams/