Dr Naeemullah Khan

Research Fellow in Epistemic Artificial Intelligence

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

Naeemullah Khan


Dr Khan is a Research Fellow at Visual Artificial Intelligence Lab at Oxford Brookes University and a Junior Research Fellow and Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. The focus of his research is on uncertainty quantification in deep learning, robustness in machine learning, continual learning, and smart descriptors for machine learning applications. Dr Khan leads the Epistemic Artificial Intelligence project under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Cuzzolin.

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

Dr Khan is involved in teaching of the following courses

  • Machine Learning
  • Software Development with C and C++
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Machine Vision


Dr Khan's research interests include:

  • Epistemics Artificial Intelligence
  • Robust machine learning
  • Continual learning
  • Invariant/covariant descriptor design in machine learning
  • Malicious user detection in social networks