Ms Sally Markwell

RGN, MA (Ed.)

Senior Lecturer

Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development

Sally Markwell


Sally is a registered adult nurse and currently Senior Lecturer in Public Health and Nursing, at Oxford Brookes University, supporting the development of modular training for the Masters in Public Health (MPH) and the Bsc (Hons) in Adult Nursing.  Students attending the postgraduate courses are a mix of home (UK based) and international, mainly drawn from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe and represent a range of disciplines across allied health, medicine, education, local government and international NGOs. MPH modules are provided through a mix of online, blendid and face to face learning approaches.

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

Postgraduate Teaching 

MPH in Public Health:

  • Public Health Policy
  • Foundations in Public Health
  • Advanced Health Promotion
  • Communicable Diseases and Public Health

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE):

  • International Higher Education

Undergraduate teaching 

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing:

  • Complex and Challenging issues in Adult Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Fundamentals 1 Famility Health &Wellbeing
  • Collaborative Nursing Practice
  • Partnerships 3 Managing Collaboration


  • Masters Dissertation in Public Health


Internationalising the Curriculum

Sally’s emerging academic interest in ‘Internationalising the Curriculum’ has led her to provide increasing support to the Centre for Curriculum Internationalisation at Oxford Brookes, where she has been able to facilitate workshops during staff development weeks (2012-2016), participating in an  HEA special interest group (2013/14) which undertook a survey into colleagues understanding of global citizenship and how it is related to internationalisation as an important dimension to the internationalisation debate and presenting posters and papers to national conferences (2015/2016). 

Improving Partnership Practice

Through a doctoral research programme Sally designed a set of of tools and techniques for understanding and improving the development of multi-sectoral partnerships. She is currently developing opportunities to validate these tools.

Health Education in East European Communities

Sally's interest in international contexts arises from previous research into the development of multi-sectoral health promotion and health improvement projects for Romanian communities.

Research grants and awards

Teaching Funding

Following market research and course piloting Sally designed and delivered a suite of basic and advanced courses in public health to over 200 public health professionals across Oxfordshire and Thames Valley (2012-2015) (through a locality grant from Health Education Thames Valley - £80K).  

Sally has continued to support HETV in their workforce development following sponsorship to participate in Wessex (HEE) training to provide an approved programme for Making Every Contact Count (MECC) (RSPH) across Oxfordshire. This training  is supported by Health Education England’s Wessex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex and Thames Valley local teams who have developed e-Learning materials and Healthy Conversations training, which Sally has has already piloted with Midwives, Health Visitors and District Nurses as an embedded module within their postgraduate training at OBU.

Research impact

Sally is a recognised specialist within the field of public health and multi-sectoral partnership development and over the last 20 years has offered a variety of consultancies and academic training to local, national and international organisations within local government, the NHS and universities.

Further details

Sally's career development is mapped through responsibilities held within both the acute and community sectors of the UK NHS,  followed by a period of research and training in public health programme development within Eastern Europe. Her speciality in partnership improvement emerged through her experience in providing strategic leadership for health policy development to improve the health and well being for a locality population of 110,000 within Wessex, accompanied by academic research into the development of tools for evaluating multi-sectoral partnerships. This  led to a growing consultancy for the provision of public health training supporting a wide range of organizations within the public and not-for-profit sectors now provided on an ad hoc basis as required.

In a voluntary capacity, Sally is convenor of the Post Yugoslav Peace Link (PYPL) - an informal group within Britain Yearly Meeting (Quakers), which aims to foster mutual relationships of trust and co-operation with locally based peace-building groups in the Post Yugoslav Region and nurture interest amongst Quakers and others, with a practical emphasis in maintaining living links and mutual support with community peace builders in the western Balkans, uniting with ‘quiet processes and small circles in which vital and transforming events take place’ (Quaker Faith and Practice 2015).

Since it's development in 2009 over £12,000 has been raised to support the following activities:

To Trust A Spark by Anne Bennett (2016) - This book records the changing nature of the peace-building programme funded through QPSW in the former Yugoslavia during the period 1991-2009.

Regional Annual Summer Retreats - Providing local peace workers the opportunity to gather together and engage with each other for internal renewal and spiritual replenishment from across the post Yugoslav region.

Reginal Networking - Through the creation of a PYPL Goodwill Ambassador role, facilitating links and support to be maintained between PYPL members and Post Yugoslav peace activists through voluntary work in the region as well as attendance at conferences, workshops and training across the PY Region as well as in the UK and other European countries.

Further information can be accessed throught the PYPL website:

Sally's interest in Eastern Europe emerged following her own research and subsequent development of the UK registered International Charity - The Romania Project UK, created following the revolution in 1989. Sally directed the charity for 6 years when the mantle was past on to her Romanian colleagues in Bucharest. The charity provided aid and education through UK conferences for aid workers en route to Romania; and the development, co-ordination and delivery of the REACH Training initiative for Romanian professionals to undertake health improvement programmes across the country impacting upon children, young people, adults and older generations. This training resulted in the creation, sustainability and alignment of public health interventions within schools, youth centres, and older peoples care organizations. Sally was awarded the Bronze European Woman Achievement Award in 1991 and continued to direct the charity until 1996.