• Developmental Psychology

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  • Developmental Psychology

    The work of this group has three main strands: Cognitive & Social Development, Language & Literacy, and Development & Disorder. Some of our research focuses on the description of typical development and explanation of developmental processes in different domains. Other work is concerned with understanding the mechanisms underlying atypical development and an examination of ways to support children and their families.

    Several staff in this research group work with professionals from other disciplines including health and education and are concerned with the production of practical assessment tools and the evaluation of intervention approaches to help children achieve their full potential.

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    Much of our work is conducted in schools and family homes. Research conducted on site at Oxford Brookes usually takes place in one of our specialist labs. We have a BabyLab with special facilities including an observation room and eye-tracker. We also have a Writing Lab with equipment for the detailed recording and analysis of spelling, handwriting and keyboarding behaviour.