• Internal collaborators

    Ms Laura Partridge

    Ms Laura Partridge completed a MSc in Psychology at Oxford Brookes University. Her MSc research project focused on caregivers' feeding practices during complementary feeding. She is currently collaborating with the Oxford Brookes Baby lab and the University of Essex, and she is involved in different community projects in Oxford. Her research interest concerns parental styles and child development.

    Ms Hope Blocksidge

    Ms Hope Blocksidge is currently completing her MSc in Psychology at Oxford Brookes. Her undergraduate degree was in Translation with German and Spanish. Hope's research interests include infant feeding and maternal eating habits as well as psychological disorder during pregnancy and postpartum. She is currently working in a SEN school as well as psychiatric hospitals.

    Mrs Tara Vesey

    Mrs Tara Vesey has a BA in Sociology from Warwick University and is currently undertaking an MSc in Psychology at Oxford Brookes University. Her research interests concern maternal and child health as well as feeding practices and eating behaviours.

    Ms Emma Francis, Ms Ellena Gartside, and Ms Rosa Birkenmayer

    Emma, Ellena and Rosa are UG students in Psychology. They have joined the IFN as part of the Psychology Research Experience Scheme (PRES). They have been collaborating in different projects, such as video-coding analysis and lay summary of research articles.

    External Collaborators

    Dr Miriam Clegg

    Dr Miriam Clegg is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Registered Nutritionist (RNutr). Her research interests focus on appetite, food intake control and energy balance. This includes looking at dietary intake and feeding behaviours in infants and toddlers. Her recent research has focused on different weaning styles and the impact that this has on dietary intake and food neophobia.