• SIG Writing 2018
      Olivia Afonso and Vincent Connelly were at the last SIG Writing conference celebrated in Antwerp. Olivia presented her work on the role of visual and verbal working memory in writing and Vincent talked about the characteristics of written verb production in children with language learning difficulties. Get more information about the conference here.

    • Writing Word(s) Workshop 2019
      Olivia Afonso and Annabel Molyneaux presented her latest research at the W3 2019, celebrated in Marseille. Know more about this highly specialised workshop here.

    • ESCoP 2019
      The next conference of the European Society of Cognitive Psychology will take place in Tenerife at the end of September. Olivia Afonso will be chairing a symposium dedicated to written production. Check the full programme of the conference  here.   


    • Workshop on spelling acquisition and spelling difficulties 2019
      Olivia Afonso and Vincent Connelly in collaboration with Kirsty Walter organised in March a workshop for teachers and parents interested in knowing more about what researchers know about how spelling skills develop in children with and without learning difficulties. This first edition of the workshop was hosted by the Headington Preparatory School and was a great success. 

    • IF Oxford 2019
      The IF-Oxford Festival will be back this October. Oxford Brookes University's Writing Research Group will be there with writing challenges to amuse the whole family and to illustrate how we do research on spelling and handwriting. You will find us at the PsychScience Booth on Saturday 19th October.  

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