• Playing Games for Psychology Research

    Would you and your child like to help science by playing games online or offline with university psychology researchers?

    We are interested in how English-, Italian- or Swedish-speaking children between the ages of 5 and 12 behave in social games. For example, we are interested in what children think about bad behaviour within computer games such as Minecraft. Visits to our lab (virtual or in person) take about half an hour. Our studies are approved by the Oxford Brookes University Research Ethics Committee. Taking part is always voluntary. For more information, please visit this page, where you can register your interest in taking part (the form is also below).

    Rhea Arini, Research Student
    Email: 16042563@brookes.ac.uk

    Becca Sheahan, Research Student
    Email: 17018114@brookes.ac.uk

    Marukh Mahmood, Research Student
    Email: 17016505@brookes.ac.uk

    Dr. Ben Kenward, Senior Lecturer
    Email: bkenward@brookes.ac.uk
    Tel: +44 (0) 1865482826

    Department of Psychology, Oxford Brookes University, UK