Hoi Polloi - Pulping Party with Eleanor Monk

This event has now finished. Please see our events website for details of upcoming events at Brookes.

Hoi Polloi Pulping Party Event Image

Who this event is for

  • Everyone


Richard Hamilton Building, Headington Campus, Headington Hill site


Join us for a pulping party! Hoi Polloi artist Eleanor Monk introduces pulping as an artistic practice. You are invited to bring your sentimental tickets, letters and receipts to be turned into beautiful paper confetti, blended into pulp and reborn as handmade paper. Create a beautiful blank slate from yuor memories, or if that feels a little bit too extreme, use some of ours!

Any skill level is invited, but please bring your patience for the fiddly bits.

Dresscode: wear something you don't mind getting wet, this is a pulping party after all!

This event is open to the general public and is FREE to attend.