Implementation of the University Regulations for collaborative provision

  • The Core Regulations (Section A) apply to all collaborative arrangements – the specific admissions, assessment and award requirements, and the operation of the associated procedures, must be set out in detail in the relevant programme handbook and operations manual governing the partnership. Collaborative programmes may also conform to one of the specific award schemes in Section B – if this is the case, it will be stated in the programme handbook and programme specification.

    The Academic Appeals and Student Complaints Regulations (C2 and C3) apply equally to students who are enrolled with partner organisations, and information about the process to be followed, including the relevant application forms, can be found on the Student Investigation and Resolution Team website. The programme handbook and operations manual for the collaborative arrangements must provide information of how the process will be implemented with a particular partner.

    The partner organisation’s student conduct regulations will apply; however, in the case of academic misconduct, the tariffs and procedures set out in the University Regulations (C1) must be applied. Details of how the student conduct procedures should be operated will be set out in the relevant programme handbook and operations manual.

    The partner must operate general regulations consistent with those in Section D. UK-based partner organisations recruiting international students requiring Tier 4 visas should pay particular attention to regulation D7 (including D7.1-7.3). The partner must also operate policies consistent with those in Section E, according to the nature of the collaborative arrangements, paying particular attention to regulations E12-14. The partner’s regulations and policies must be made available for the University to review prior to the approval of the partnership, and when updates or changes are made.