C1.1.2 Scope

  • 2.1 These regulations apply to all students undertaking any form of assessment, either under formal examination conditions, or as assessed coursework (including but not limited to, written coursework, practical work, OSCEs, models, sculpture, artwork); whether formative or summative, as part of their studies for credit towards an award of the University. They are intended to be read alongside the University’s Core Regulations for the Assessment of Students which can be found at /regulations/current/core/a3.

    2.2 Institutions that deliver programmes leading to an award of, or validated by, the University are expected to have academic conduct regulations and procedures sympathetic and complementary to these regulations. Students or staff members in these institutions may refer the case to the Oxford Brookes University Academic Conduct Procedure if they have exhausted their own institution’s internal academic conduct procedure. In these cases, the case will be investigated at Level 2 of the University’s Academic Conduct Procedure.

    2.3 Students enrolled on Research Degree programmes are also expected to adhere to the Research Code of Practice. Where a breach of the Research Code of Practice has been found, research students may be referred to these conduct procedures at Level 2.

    2.4 Some students enrolled on courses which lead to professional registration are also required to adhere to the Standards of Conduct: Fitness to Practise Regulations. Any breach of the Academic Conduct Regulations may result in a referral to the Standards of Conduct: Fitness to Practice Regulations.

    2.5 The University reserves the right to revisit an award in exceptional circumstances.