C1.1.3 Principles

  • 3.1 These regulations are intended to ensure that the academic conduct procedure and outcomes are fair, proportional and reasonable for all involved.

    3.2 Under these regulations, the University has the power to discipline, suspend or require students to withdraw. Once disciplinary proceedings have been instituted against a student under these regulations, no disciplinary action may be taken against the student under other disciplinary rules or regulations within the University for the piece of work.  

    3.3 As set out in the Conditions of Acceptance, all students are bound by the provisions of these regulations and general University Regulations (academic and non-academic). It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they are familiar with the current version of these regulations at all times. Ignorance of their content will not be accepted as a defence or as mitigation in any proceedings brought under these regulations.  

    3.4 Guidance on these regulations and procedure, for staff and students, is available on the University website (University Regulations and Student Disputes pages) or from the Student Disputes Officers in Student Central. In the event of any uncertainty or dispute, the Student Disputes Officer’s interpretation shall be used.  

    3.5 These regulations include a Fixed Penalty Policy for breaches of the formal regulations for invigilated exams where it is clear that the student is not attempting to gain an academic advantage.   

    3.6 The intention of introducing a system of fixed penalty fines for breaches of the regulations for invigilated exams is to reduce the administrative load in cases where:

    • 3.6.1 Students generally understand why the regulation is necessary
    • 3.6.2 There is usually little doubt about the facts of an alleged breach
    • 3.6.3 There are usually few valid grounds for mitigation.

    3.7 A first offence will result in a £50 fine. Any subsequent offence will result in a fine that increases by £50 per offence. All fines are reduced by 25% if paid within 10 working days. Monies raised through this Policy are added to the Student Hardship Fund.  

    3.8 All parties involved in the implementation of these regulations will observe the requirement for confidentiality. Whilst confidential information may need to be disclosed or shared in order to consider and determine cases, this will only be divulged to those staff relevant to the procedures. However, where a programme leads to professional accreditation, confidential information may be shared with relevant faculty staff and/or relevant professional, statutory and/or regulatory bodies as appropriate.

    3.9 The provisions of these regulations are without prejudice to the rights of the University, the Students’ Union and any other associated body:

    • 3.9.1 Under any contract entered into by a student
    • 3.9.2 And as prescribed by English law.

    3.10 These regulations are subject to approval by the University’s Academic Board and the Board of Governors and will be subject to regular review.