C1.1.5 Penalties

  • 5.1 In order to maintain student discipline, the Vice-Chancellor has the authority to impose penalties upon students in accordance with this procedure (as set out in Article 3.2(g) of the Articles of Government).  The Vice Chancellor may delegate some or all of this authority (including the power to delegate further) to other members of staff and University bodies (as set out in Article 3.3 of the Articles).  

    5.2 The penalties available to be imposed in the case of a breach of the academic conduct regulations are:

    5.2.1 An absolute discharge.  This means that the student technically breached the regulation, but no blame should be attached to them

    5.2.2 A formal warning advising the student about future behaviour

    5.2.3 A requirement to correct a piece of coursework by a prescribed return deadline for a reduced or capped mark.  Failure to meet the prescribed return deadline will result in a mark of zero for the relevant module or coursework

    5.2.4 A reduction of marks, a cap placed on the marks or the award of no marks for a piece of course work

    5.2.5 The award of an appropriate mark (including a resit or a fail grade) for the relevant module or unit

    5.2.6 A fixed penalty (restricted use – see Appendix B)

    5.2.7 A restriction on the maximum award that the student may obtain from the University.  As soon as the student has sufficient academic credit for this restricted award, it shall be awarded at the next meeting of the relevant Examination Committee

    5.2.8 The withholding or withdrawal of academic credit or a University award

    5.2.9 A reduction of the class of the student’s Honours degree and GPA.  This penalty shall be applied as early as practicable

    5.2.10 The required temporary withdrawal of the student from the University   

    5.2.11 The expulsion of the student from the University.

    5.3 Any penalty imposed will be commensurate with the seriousness of the breach of the Conduct Regulations.   

    5.4 Each case will be judged on its own merits and is generally subject to the University’s discretion.    

    5.5 Exceptionally, where none of these penalties is deemed to be appropriate by the Conduct Officer, University Conduct Committee or Appeal Committee they may determine another penalty provided that this penalty is approved by the Vice-Chancellor before being imposed.

    5.6 All penalties issued under these regulations normally take precedence over any outcome of an exceptional circumstances application or course withdrawal request, for the relevant period of time. Any exceptions to this rule need to be agreed by the Academic Registrar or nominee.