C1.2.3 Principles

  • 3.1 These regulations are intended to ensure that the conduct procedure and outcomes are fair, proportional and reasonable for all involved.

    3.2 Under these regulations the University has the power to discipline, suspend or require students to withdraw.  Once disciplinary proceedings have been instituted against a student under these regulations, no disciplinary action may be taken against the student under other disciplinary rules or regulations within the University for the same episode of misconduct.  

    3.3 As set out in the Conditions of Acceptance, all students are bound by the provisions of all Oxford Brookes University regulations. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they are familiar with the current version of these regulations at all times.  Ignorance of their content will not be accepted as a defence or as mitigation in any proceedings brought under these regulations.  

    3.4 Guidance on these regulations and procedure, for staff and students, is available on the University website (University Regulations and Student Disputes pages) or from the Student Disputes Officers in Student Central.  In the event of any uncertainty or dispute, the Student Disputes Officer’s interpretation shall be used.

    3.5 Students living in or visiting Hall accommodation are subject to regulations which are designed to preserve a safe study environment.  As the University has a diverse portfolio of accommodation which it offers to students, they are advised to check their “Licence to occupy” or “Tenancy agreement” for details of these regulations which are applicable in their accommodation.  Students living in University managed Halls are required to adhere to the University Hall Regulations which are a subset of the main University Conduct Regulations. Students living in halls not managed by the University are subject to the terms and conditions which form part of their tenancy.  The University Hall Regulations include a Fixed Penalty Policy for:

    • 3.5.1 Interfering with health and safety equipment, flat and kitchen fire-doors or breaches of safety
    • 3.5.2 Smoking within student residences
    • 3.5.3 Bringing a car to Oxford as this is in breach of the accommodation contract.

    3.6 Residence managers, Hall wardens and 24 hour support are responsible for ensuring that Hall Regulations are upheld at all times and they (or any other member of the university community) may at any time initiate disciplinary proceedings if residents or visitors breach any regulations.  Many Hall staff are nominated as Conduct Officers by the Director of Estates and Facilities Management and they may become involved in disciplinary proceedings.

    3.7 Details of the Fixed Penalty Policy in place for first and subsequent breaches of the Hall Regulations are contained within the Hall Regulations.

    3.8 Some circumstances that constitute a breach of these regulations will also constitute a criminal offence.  In these cases the police may choose to inform the University about any criminal proceedings and/or any outcome. The University will ordinarily suspend its investigations pending the outcome of criminal investigations.  Where a student has been convicted and sentenced by a criminal court, the verdict of the court will not be open to challenge in proceedings under these Regulations and the sentence may be taken into consideration in determining the penalty under these Regulations. 

    3.9 All parties involved in the implementation of these regulations will observe the requirements for confidentiality. Whilst confidential information may need to be disclosed or shared in order to consider and determine cases, this will only be to those staff relevant to the procedures. However, confidential information may be disclosed to governmental, police or regulatory authorities as required by English law or by relevant professional, statutory and/or regulatory bodies.

    3.10 Students who are convicted of a criminal offence while studying at the University should inform the University of this. Such a disclosure will not necessarily lead to action under these regulations, unless the regulations have been contravened. If a student convicted of a criminal offence while enrolled does not disclose this to the University and the University subsequently becomes aware of this fact, these regulations may be enacted in consideration of the conviction and the withholding of information about it. 

    3.11 The provisions of these regulations are without prejudice to the rights of the University, the Students’ Union and any other associated body:

    • 3.11.1 Under any contract entered into by a student 
    • 3.11.2 And as prescribed by English law.

    3.12 These regulations are subject to approval by the University’s Academic Board and the Board of Governors and will be subject to regular review.