C1.2.6 Penalties

  • 6.1 In order to maintain student discipline, the Vice-Chancellor has the authority to impose penalties upon students in accordance with these regulations (as set out in Article 3.2(g) of the Articles of Government, Oxford Brookes University).  The Vice Chancellor may delegate some or all of this authority to other members of staff and University bodies (as set out in Article 3.3 of the Articles of Government).  

    6.2 The penalties available to be imposed in the case of a breach of these regulations are set out below. The categories of minor and major breach are for guidance only; individual circumstances of any case may warrant a more lenient or severe penalty. 

    6.3 Any penalty imposed will be commensurate with the severity of the breach of these regulations and will consider any aggravating or mitigating factors, as well as previous breaches of these regulations.

    6.4 Penalties for a minor breach 

    (One or more of the following): 

    6.4.1 An absolute discharge.  This means that the student technically breached these regulations but no blame should be attached to them.

    6.4.2 A formal warning about future behaviour, which shall indicate the errors or omissions. 

    6.4.3 A requirement that the student make an oral or written apology to one or more individuals. 

    6.4.4 The imposition of a personal conduct order. 

    6.4.5 A fixed penalty.

    6.4.6 Community service, workshops or restorative meetings, which shall normally take the form of specified unpaid activities, for which no expenses shall be paid.

    6.5 Penalties for a major breach 

    (One or more of the following): 

    6.5.1 Any penalty available for a minor breach, as listed above.

    6.5.2 The temporary or permanent confiscation, without compensation, of any object or material prohibited by, or which was involved in a breach of, these regulations.

    6.5.3 A fine* 

    6.5.4 Full or partial restitution of the cost of the damage or loss suffered by the University or any associated organisation or person, or by a member of the public.

    6.5.5 The temporary or permanent exclusion of the student from one or more of the University’s, or an associated organisation’s, premises, grounds, facilities or services.

    6.5.6 A requirement that the student relocate within or between residences associated with the University.

    6.5.7 Expulsion from University owned or managed accommodation. 

    6.5.8 The required temporary withdrawal of the student from the University. 

    6.5.9 The permanent expulsion of the student from the University.

    *Students can request to undertake community service instead of a financial fine. For the purpose of calculating the amount of community service, a calculation of one hour community service = £10 will be used

    6.6 Where a Conduct Officer, a University Conduct Committee or an Appeal Committee believes it appropriate, they/it may recommend that the student seek counselling or some other specified form of support.  The recommendation shall be recorded formally.  In the event of a further breach of these regulations by the student, the previous recommendation and associated information may be taken into account when considering the penalty for the subsequent breach.

    6.7 Exceptionally, where none of these penalties is deemed to be appropriate by the Conduct Officer or University Conduct Committee, they may determine another penalty. This penalty would need to be approved by the Vice-Chancellor before being imposed.

    6.8 All penalties issued under these regulations will normally take precedence over any outcome of an exceptional circumstances application or course withdrawal request, for the relevant period of time. A student can inform the Conduct Officer or University Conduct Committee of personal circumstances, if they wish for them to be considered as part of the conduct procedure. The Conduct Officer or University Conduct Committee may take this into account when deciding a penalty.