A1.1.10 Posthumous awards

    1. Any award of the University may be conferred posthumously where the death of a student occurs prior to their completion of the requirements for their award. A posthumous award may be accepted on the student's behalf by a parent, spouse or other appropriate individual. The award conferred in such circumstances will normally be the next exit award for which the student would have been eligible, based on the stage of the programme of study they had commenced. An ordinary Bachelor’s degree is not normally considered an exit award for these purposes and is not normally, therefore, awarded posthumously. All posthumous awards are unclassified.
    2. If the death of a student occurs after they have completed all the requirements for an award the award will not be considered posthumous and will, therefore, be classified. An award made in such circumstances may still be accepted on the student’s behalf by a parent, spouse, or other appropriate individual.