A1.1.3 Meeting award requirements

    1. A student may only be a candidate for an award if they have followed a programme of study approved to lead to that award, and has satisfied the appropriate Examination Committee that s/he has reached the standards required for the award.
    2. Students receive certification on completion of the full award for which they are registered. Where a student terminates their studies or transfers to a different programme before they have completed, s/he may request certification for the highest exit award for which they have fulfilled the requirements, as identified in the approved Programme Specification. Where a student has not already been made an award on exit, any award must be made within a maximum period of two years from the date on which the student ceased studying with the University.
    3. A candidate who has failed to satisfy the examiners in the first attempt at an assessment for an award but has in the examiners' judgement satisfied the requirements for a lower award as specified in the Programme Specification may, at the examiners' discretion, be offered a choice of either accepting the lower award immediately or resitting for the higher award.  If the student resits and fails, s/he may claim the lower award previously offered.