A1.1.5 Accumulation of awards

    1. As noted in A1.1.4 above, the University allows students to claim an intermediate or lower award than that for which they were registered, subject to fulfilling the relevant award requirements.  Intermediate exit awards may be claimed in circumstances when progression to the higher award is not possible due to academic failure, or the student formally withdraws from the University for other reasons.  It is not permitted, however, to accumulate intermediate awards in circumstances when a student is satisfactorily progressing towards a higher award and intends to claim the higher award upon satisfactory completion.
    2. Notwithstanding the guidance in i. above, any student who obtains an intermediate or lower award and leaves the University who then successfully reapplies for entry to the same or a different programme, gaining entry either at the start of the programme or with advanced standing to a later point, will not be required to have their initial intermediate or lower award rescinded in order to progress with their new studies at the University.