A1.1.6 Classification of awards

  • i.    Rules for the classification of awards are given in the specific regulations for different categories of awards (refer to the specific award scheme regulations in section B).  An Examination Committee may make an award with distinction or commendation or with an Honours classification where course regulations make such provision and where the student has satisfied the requirements of the course regulations for such an award.

    ii.    The standard classification system for Bachelors degrees with Honours is:

    Overall average mark  Degree classification 
    70% and above First Class
    60-69% Upper Second Class (2:1)
    50-59% Lower Second Class (2:2)
    40-49% Third Class

    iii.    Other taught awards, at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, may also be classified, as follows:

    Overall average mark  Award classification 
    70% and above* Distinction*
    60-69% Merit
    Pass mark - 59% Pass

    * additional requirements for the classification of an award with Merit or Distinction may apply, according to the specific programme or award scheme regulations

    iv.    Variations from, or additions to, these rules are detailed in the programme regulations, which are stated in Programme Specifications and Programme Handbooks.  Variations from the regulations must be approved by the Academic Enhancement & Standards Committee and reported to Academic Board.  The procedure for applying for a variation from the regulations is stated in the Quality & Standards Handbook. 

    v.    Where credit entry is permitted to a programme of study, the Programme Specification must give details of how award classifications will be calculated for students who gained admission to a later stage of the programme on the basis of prior learning undertaken outside the University.