A1.1.9 Aegrotat awards

    1. An aegrotat award for incomplete study is an unclassified award that may be conferred in exceptional circumstances, such as in cases where a student's ability to complete an award is permanently compromised by severe illness. 
    2. The aegrotat award is rarely made in contemporary higher education, partly because it has been superseded by the introduction of regulations for the consideration of exceptional circumstances.  However, unlike an award made to a student who has been affected by exceptional circumstances, the aegrotat award is unclassified.
    3. All taught awards are available as aegrotat awards except the Bachelors degree with Honours.  However, the conferment of an aegrotat award may be prohibited by professional body requirements - the awards that may not be given as aegrotat awards are specified in section B10 of the Regulations. Examination Committees may exercise their discretion to recommend conferment of an aegrotat award where the appropriate criteria have been met. 
    4. As an aegrotat award is a final exit award.  It must be considered to be the conclusion of a student's study on a particular course and the implications of this must be agreed with the student prior to consideration of the award by an Examination Committee.  Before a recommendation for an aegrotat award is submitted, the student must have indicated that they are willing to accept the award and they understand that this involves waiving the right to be reassessed.