A1.2.1 Principles

    1. A learner is awarded academic credit in recognition of the verified achievement of designated learning outcomes at a particular level.
    2. The basic unit of credit relates to 10 hours of notional learning time.
    3. A standard academic year for a full-time undergraduate honours degree student equates to 120 credits (1200 notional hours), and for a student on a full-time taught postgraduate programme equates to 180 credits (1800 notional hours).
    4. Academic credit given in respect of successful fulfilment of the requirements of a module can be awarded only once and cannot be double-counted.
    5. The credits accrued as part of a programme may not be accredited towards any other award in addition, unless the total exceeds the minimum requirement for the award to which the programme leads.
    6. The maximum credit load for students on undergraduate programmes (levels 4 to 6) is 150 credits (10 module credits) per year and 220 credits (11 module credits) per year for taught postgraduate programmes (level 7). AESC may approve variations to this standard maxima for specific programme subject to a request from a Faculty AESC. The Academic Registrar may consider requests for variations for individual students on an exceptional basis.

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