A1.2.10 Planned duration and mode of study

    1. The planned length of the programme must be related to the normal duration specified in the definition of the award as set out in section A1.1.7, and the minimum and maximum periods within which a student must normally complete the programme and associated assessments (including resits) must be specified. For any mode of study, the level of knowledge and skills required at the entry point, the curriculum, teaching arrangements, time available for students' private study, and the length and nature of any supervised work experience must be designed to match the duration requirements of the award.
    2. The definitions of awards given in A1.1 state the normal minimum planned length of a programme of study in terms of full-time study in academic years based on the normal level of entry.  Programmes of study may need to be longer or more intensive to reflect the knowledge and skills of particular groups of students on entry or to provide for accelerated modes of study, provided that they are designed to enable students to fulfil the objectives of the programme and reach the required standard. Programmes of study may be designed to have more than one entry point in order to accommodate students with different levels of prior knowledge and skill.
    3. An academic year for most courses is a period of not less than 33 weeks. The University expects account to be taken of the need for students to have time for private study and consolidation.