A1.2.12 Sandwich degrees

    1. A designated sandwich course leads to a University award 'in the sandwich mode', and these words will appear on the award certificate. A programme of study approved as leading to the Degree or Honours Degree in the sandwich mode must include not less than 36 weeks of supervised work experience in addition to the period required for the full-time award. Course teams are encouraged to make provision for an alternative full-time award on all sandwich degree schemes, to be awarded to students who are unable, for valid reasons, to undertake or complete the sandwich element of the course. Programmes leading to such full-time awards should have objectives that can be achieved without the sandwich element.
    2. The period of supervised work experience must form a compulsory element of a programme of study leading to a sandwich degree; its objectives must be specified and related to the objectives of the whole programme; the performance of students must be assessed; and satisfactory completion of and performance in the period of supervised work experience must be a requirement for the award.