A1.2.13 Modern language degrees

    1. In full-time degree courses in modern languages, a period of residence abroad must be an integral part of the course. Where two main languages are studied to the same level, a student must spend a minimum of six consecutive months in the country of each language. Where only one main language is studied, or where the two periods are consecutive, the period may be shortened to not less than one academic year altogether. Exceptionally, an individual student may be exempted from the period abroad where the student's prior knowledge and skills already meet the learning objectives of that period or where circumstances dictate that the period abroad cannot be undertaken and appropriate alternative arrangements can be made to fulfil the learning objectives. These individual exceptions will not mean that a full-time modern language degree does not have to meet the requirement to include a period abroad in its validated structure ( see also A2.5.7).
    2. Details about student exchange and study abroad programmes can be found on the University website.