A1.2.5 Programme regulations

    1. Every programme of study must conform to the regulatory framework for the design, delivery and assessment governing the award scheme of which it is a part.  A programme may also be subject to the requirements of a professional, statutory or regulatory body.  Any variations from the University Regulations that may be required by an individual programme must be approved by the Academic Enhancement & Standards Committee (as set out in the Quality & Standards Handbook) and recorded in the programme specification and the programme handbook.  Variations applying to all University programmes are recorded in section B10 of the University Regulations.
    2. Where a new programme of study does not conform to any specific award scheme regulations in section B of the University Regulations, a full set of programme regulations must be drawn up, in accordance with the Core Regulations (section A), and recorded in the programme handbook.
    3. No changes may be made to regulations on the progression or assessment of students without formal consultation with the students currently enrolled on the course who may be directly affected by the proposed change.  Any such changes which affect the regulations for the assessment of students for an award must also have been agreed with the approved external examiner/s.  Changes to the regulations applying to the programme must be formally approved by the Academic Enhancement & Standards Committee through the procedure set out in the University’s Quality & Standards Handbook.