A1.2.7 Award titles

    1. A title may be given to an approved programme leading to any taught award. Any title of a programme of study that is to appear on an award certificate conferred by the University must be taken from the Programme Specification which has been approved in accordance with the University's requirements, as specified in the Quality & Standards Handbook.
    2. Programme titles must be straightforward, and accurately reflect the course content so as to provide useful information to students, potential students, employers and other stakeholders about the level of knowledge and skill to be expected from a person holding such a qualification.  Programme titles must accord with the expectations of the discipline within the higher education sector, and those of relevant professional, statutory or regulatory bodies.
    3. Programme titles that will appear on certificates should be simple, single-subject titles whenever possible.  Where students study more than one subject, up to two separate fields of study may be identified in the award title. The award of a degree in `combined studies' may be approved.  Single subject titles may be used where subsidiary studies are not substantial enough to merit special mention. 
    4. The titles of single-module credit-bearing short courses leading to the award of a University Certificate should be taken from the module title.