A1.3.3 Programme Handbooks

    1. Every programme of study must produce a handbook for students, updated at the start of each academic year and lodged with the Academic Policy & Quality Office. The Programme Handbook should provide students with detailed information relating to their programme of study, as well as the Department/School, Faculty, and University services and facilities available to support their studies. Handbooks should provide students with accurate information, written in a transparent, non-biased style in order to give students an accurate picture of the demands of the programme and their entitlements.
    2. Programme (and module) handbooks may be regarded as part of the ‘contract’ between the student and the University, complementing the information contained in the Programme Specification.
    3. Faculties will wish to design their handbooks as appropriate to the local context, and the format is therefore left for them to decide, however, guidance on the minimum contents for all Programme Handbooks should contain is available in the Quality & Standards Handbook (see regulation A4). For home provision, electronic programme handbooks are provided via the virtual learning environment (Moodle), the template for which has been based on this guidance.
    4. Programme Handbooks must also be produced for all programmes of study delivered through collaborative partnerships. The Liaison Manager must check these handbooks annually to ensure they meet University requirements. Where the programme is also delivered at Brookes, the content should be comparable. Where handbooks are provided to students in a language other than English, approval is still required through the normal process, and appropriate arrangements for translation into the language of delivery should be made following sign off by the approval panel.