A3 Assessment of Students

  • A3.1 Programme Assessment Strategies

    A3.2 Module Assessment Strategies

    A3.3 Students’ Responsibilities

    A3.4 Changes to Assessment Arrangements

    A3.5 Exceptional Circumstances

    A3.6 Marking and Moderation

    A3.7 External Examining

    A3.8 Examination Committees

    A3.9 Outcomes of Assessment

    A3.10 Failure and Reassessment

    A3.11 Compensation for Failure in Assessment

    A3.12 Publication of Results

    A3.13 Cheating

    A3.14 Grading Schemes and Grade Point Average Regulations

    A3.15 Allowances for Examination Disturbances

    A3.16 Serious Disruption to Teaching and Assessment