A3.4 Changes to Assessment Arrangements

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    Reasonable adjustments on the grounds of disability

    A3.4.1 If a student has a disability which may affect their academic performance, they should contact the Disability Service and/or Dyslexia/SpLD Service  to discuss whether any alternative arrangements are required in order to enable them to engage fully with the assessment on their programme of study. Disabled students are encouraged to disclose their disability on admission to the University (or the partner organisation at which they are studying for a Brookes award), in order that appropriate support may be put in place as early as possible, including the consideration of reasonable adjustments that may be required to particular learning and assessment activities.

    A3.4.2 If a student is unable, through disability, to be assessed by the assessment tasks approved for a module, examiners may vary the methods as appropriate and in accordance with the University's procedure on the matter, bearing in mind the objectives of the programme and the need to assess the student on equal terms with other students. Reasonable adjustments may only be made to individual assessment tasks on the recommendation of the University’s Disabled Student Advisers.

    Other changes to assessment arrangements

    A3.4.3 All students are expected to be present for their examinations and timed assessments (including in-class tests) and are responsible for meeting set deadlines for coursework submission. Changed assessment arrangements, including extensions to coursework deadlines, will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

    A3.4.4 A student wishing to request a changed assessment arrangement must complete and submit the “Changed Assessment Arrangements, Request for Changed Examination Date” or “Changed Assessment Arrangements, Request for Changed Coursework Deadline” proforma, complete with appropriate evidence (see 3.4.6 below). These forms are available from the Exams Office.

    The deadline for a request to change an examination date to be received by the Exams Office is: 5 working days after the publication of the examination timetable.

    A3.4.5 Students affected by exceptional circumstances should submit an application for consideration of those circumstances through the exceptional circumstances procedure (see regulation A3.5). The procedure for Changed Assessment Arrangements is not intended to cover students wishing to request consideration of exceptional circumstances.

    A3.4.6 The University will normally only agree to a Changed Assessment Arrangement in the following circumstances:

    1. Religious observance or belief, including festival observance, prayer times etc.
      Documentary evidence: letter from the head of church or equivalent faith/belief leader.
    2. Military training or Active Duty requirements.
      Documentary evidence: letter from an official of the relevant authority.
    3. National or international activities where the University or country of origin is represented
      Documentary evidence: letter from an official of the organising body.
    4. Activities undertaken by a dependent of the student which fall into one of the accepted categories within the Changed Assessment Arrangements procedure and for which there is a demonstrable support requirement on the student.
      Documentary evidence: see evidence requirements for i-iii above.
    5. Undertaking voluntary or paid work related to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Documentary evidence: written confirmation that a student is undertaking voluntary or paid work from the relevant NHS trust or similar body.

    A3.4.7 A changed examination date/time will be within the relevant examination session provided the student can be supervised under examination conditions in the interval between the timetabled date/time and the changed date/time. This supervision period will be between examination sessions on the same day or overnight on the day before or after the timetabled date. If supervision is not possible, the changed examination date will be within the relevant resit examination session.

    A3.4.8 The University has specifically excluded the following grounds for making a request for a Changed Assessment Arrangement:

    1. Personal and family holidays;
    2. Weddings: either the student’s wedding or that or a family member of personal friend;
    3. job interviews;
    4. Expeditions, unless the expedition relates to one of the acceptable circumstances listed in 3.4.6 above;
    5. Work experience;
    6. Travel arrangements, including all flights, internal, abroad or to home;
    7. Sporting activities except when representing the University or country of origin as permitted by 3.4.6iii above.

    For further information about these regulations, please contact the Head of Timetabling and Exams. 

    Academic Enhancement and Standards Committee, 27 June 2012
    Academic Board, 18 July 2012

    Last updated:
    Academic Enhancement and Standards Committee, 18 September 2013 (revisions to sections 3.4.3 to 3.4.8)