D2 Payments due to the University

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    Payments made to the University by students or ex-students will be applied in the following order:

    1. to discharge loans made by the University,
    2. to pay rent and hall fees owed to the University,
    3. to pay fines, debts and charges owed to the University other than tuition fees,
    4. to pay tuition fees owed to the University.

    Within each category debts will be discharged in the order in which they were incurred. The University may, at its discretion, withdraw facilities from, withhold the conferment of academic awards to, terminate the enrolment of and refuse to enrol or re-enrol persons who owe tuition fees in excess of £50 to the University.

    Please refer to D2.1 Student Debt Policy (PDF) for more details.

    For further information about these regulations, please contact the Director of Finance and Legal Services.