D3 Absences and Temporary Withdrawal

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    A student who, for any reason, ceases from study for a period of four or more consecutive semester-time weeks must inform Student Central of the fact and reasons in writing by the end of the fourth week at the latest. Students are advised to do so at the earliest opportunity. For the purpose of this regulation, vacations will be ignored.

    Temporary withdrawal from study

    A student may be permitted to suspend registration for a determined period of up to one calendar year at a time. More than one period of intermission is permissible. The total period may not be so long as to require extension to the latest date for qualification for the award.

    All periods of intermission or suspension must be formally approved by Student Central before the end of Week 7 of a semester. Late requests will be considered upon confirmation of non-attendance. 

    During a period of temporary withdrawal from the University, no study is required and students will not be expected to meet any academic obligations. International students studying under a Tier 4 visa will also have their temporary withdrawal reported to the UKVI (see also Regulation D7 International Students under PBS Tier 4).

    For further information about these regulations, please contact the Academic Registrar.

    Last updated:
    Academic Enhancement & Standards Committee, 2 December 2015
    Academic Enhancement and Standards Committee, 20 April 2016