D7.1 Regulations on Compliance with the Tier 4 Student Rules

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    1. Introduction

    1.1 These regulations apply to all international students who have been issued a Tier 4 visa in order to study at Oxford Brookes University. Oxford Brookes University is a ‘Tier 4 Sponsor’ and is required to ensure full compliance with the sponsor duties proscribed to it by the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). These sponsor duties are subject to change and as such, these regulations should be read in conjunction with the latest legislation available on the UKBA website, a link to which can be found in the reference section of this document.

    2. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS number)

    2.1 A CAS number is described by the UKBA as being the University’s way of confirming that:

    1. we wish for an overseas student to study in the UK and;
    2. to the best of our knowledge the student meets the requirements of the rules for a valid CAS and will be able to make a successful application for leave to come or stay in the UK.

    Oxford Brookes University is committed to retaining its ‘Tier 4 Sponsor’ status and as such will only issue a CAS number provided that the above criteria are confirmed as being fully met.

    2.2 Oxford Brookes University reserves the right to refuse to ‘assign’ or to ‘withdraw’ a CAS at any time. The decision of Oxford Brookes University is final.

    3. Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

    3.1 Students on specifically designated courses are required to obtain an ATAS certificate. This certificate must be applied for and obtained prior to making a Tier 4 visa application.

    4. Enrolment

    4.1 Students issued a CAS number detailing a last date of enrolment must ensure that they arrive and enrol by that date. Enrolment after this date will not be possible and the University will withdraw the sponsorship of those students who have failed to enrol.

    4.2 The University must only enrol students who hold an appropriate passport and visa to enable study. Due to this, the University will require a passport and visa in order to begin the enrolment process. Should a passport and visa not be available, enrolment will only be allowed where it can be evidenced that the passport and visa have been sent off with an appropriate in-time application for a Tier 4 visa (using an Oxford Brookes CAS).

    4.3 Students who will not be able to enrol by the deadline must contact the Admissions Office should they wish to defer their place. Students who do defer their place will be issued a new CAS which must be used prior to enrolling upon the deferred course. 

    5. Attendance

    5.1 Students must meet the University’s attendance requirements as detailed in the ‘Attendance Monitoring’ policy. This includes completing the Tier 4 student check-in process twice per academic year.

    5.2 Students must meet the university’s attendance requirements as failure to do so will result in exclusion and sponsorship being withdrawn.

    6. Contact details

    6.1 Students must ensure that up-to-date and accurate details of their address and telephone number in the United Kingdom are held on the Student Information system at all times.

    6.2 Students must also inform the UKBA of any changes to their contact details during the course of their studies.

    7. Visa extensions

    7.1 The University must at all times keep up-to-date details of students’ passports and visas. Students who fail to provide passports, visas or evidence of an ‘in-time’ application when requested to do so, may be excluded from the University.

    7.2 Students whose Tier 4 application is rejected or refused by the UKBA must inform the International Student Advice Team.

    8. Study mode

    8.1 Students are required to undertake a full time programme of study throughout their course. The only exception to this requirement exists where modules need to be retaken in order to progress stages or complete.

    9. Approved and permanent withdrawal

    9.1 Students who take approved temporary withdrawal or permanently withdraw from the University will be reported to the UKBA within ten working days of the withdrawal being applied.

    9.2 During periods of withdrawal no study is required and as such students must leave the country as their leave will be curtailed. Students must provide evidence of having left the United Kingdom to the International Student Advice Team when asked to do so.

    10. Course length and subject changes

    10.1 Students who complete their course earlier than the expected completion date on their CAS will have their award date reported to the UKBA within 10 working days.

    11. Employment

    11.1 Students must comply with the conditions of their visa at all times. Students must not work for more hours than is stated on their visa.

    11.2 Students must refer to their programmes specific regulations to determine their eligibility to work additional hours during vacation periods or contact the International Student Advice Team for advice.

    11.3 Students found to be breaching the conditions of their visa will be excluded and reported to the UKBA within 10 working days.

    12. Changing immigration category

    12.1 Students who change their immigration category during their studies are required to show their new visa to the International Student Advice Team in order to have their status changed on the University systems. 

    13. Extant leave

    13.1 Students who intend to apply for a visa extension in order to receive extant leave must request a CAS number no later than five working days prior to their course end date on the Student Information system.

    14.  Police registration

    14.1 Students who are required to register with the police must do so within the time limits set by the UKBA. Failure to register with the police may result in exclusion from the University.

    15. References

    15.1 Your Tier 4 responsibilities:

    15.2 Protecting your Tier 4 status:

    15.3 UKBA policy guidance for students:

    For further information about these regulations, please contact the International Student Advice Team.