D7.3 Attendance Monitoring Agreement for Placement Providers

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    Oxford Brookes University is the sponsor for international students who hold a visa under Tier 4 of the points-based immigration system (PBS). As sponsor, the University is obliged to meet the expectations of UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) laid down from time to time in their guidance and regulations which can be found on the  UKVI's website.

    Specifically, the UKVI requires sponsors to report any international students who are not attending their programme. Once an international student has been identified as not attending, the University is required to notify the UKVI of that student's absence within ten working days. The University remains a sponsor even when the student is on placement. The requirement to reports students who are not attending also remains. 

    We are asking you to sign this agreement as the University cannot allow students with a visa issued through Tier 4 to attend placement providers who are unable or unwilling to agree to report absences back to the University. 

    Therefore, for students with a Tier 4 visa on placements, either in the UK or overseas, the University has agreed the following policy to ensure that it complies with the UKVI.

    When a student is on a placement non-attendance will be reported to the UKVI when a student misses ten working days. (This is the normal reporting expectation for individuals in the UK for employment, i.e. those with a Tier 2 visa.) Therefore, the placement provider must notify their normal contact in the University when a student has missed seven working days. The normal contact within the University will notify the Faculty's Student Support Co-ordinator (or other nominated individual), who should attempt to make contact with the student. If the student's absence remains unaccounted for after the tenth missed working day, the University will report the absence to the UKVI within ten working days of the tenth missed working day at the placement provider. 

    You should be reassured that students with a Tier 4 visa are made aware of our obligations as sponsor and our Attendance Monitoring policy is publicly available. The disclosure of this information to the University is in our view covered under the Data Protection Act (1998). The processing is necessary for our legitimate purposes as a requirement of the UKVI.

    This agreement is a record of your confirmation that, as the authorised representative of an organisation which provides placements for students at the University, you agree to report student absences greater than ten working days, as described above.

    I agree to monitor the attendance of students on work placements and to report absences to the University as outlined above.





    For further information about these regulations, please contact International Student Advice Team.

    Last updated: March 2018