B1.8 Honours Degree award classification

  • i.  To qualify for the award of a Bachelors Degree with Honours, a student must, within 3 years of first registering, achieve 120 credits at level 6 in addition to the 240 credits (at levels 4 and 5) gained via their foundation degree qualification.  An Ordinary Bachelors degree is available as an exit award for students who pass 60 credits at level 6 but are unable to complete the full Honours programme of study.

    ii.  The overall Honours degree classification will be decided in accordance with the table below, based on the average of the modules marks for all eight modules taken on the Top-Up programme.

    Class of Honours Minimum Average
    First   70%  
    Upper second   60%  
    Lower second   50%  
    Third   40%  

    NB. Averages are truncated, not rounded up. In calculating a student’s final average, marks for double modules are counted as two identical single marks.