B3.1 Title of award

  • 1.1 The title of the award which a student on the University’s Open Award Scheme will receive shall be agreed before the student completes any assessment on the Scheme and shall reflect the approved learning outcomes of the individual student programme. The title shall be changed in those cases where the original learning contract between the student and the University is re-negotiated at a later stage in such a way that the content of the student’s programme changes significantly. Should a student's proposed programme conform in all respects to any of the specialities indicated on the 'named stage' of the Health Sciences Open Award, their award shall take the name of that speciality.

    1.2 The title of an Open Award shall be different from the titles of existing awards and those of previous awards offered by the University, except in cases where the overall learning outcomes and essential programme requirements of a student’s Open Award programme are the same as those for an existing named award or one of the Health Sciences Open Award named specialities.